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                Home About Hankook Tire Company Supplier Partnership

                Supplier Partnership

                Hankook Tire leads the future technology with our partners.

                Hankook Tire leads the future technology with our partners.

                Best partnership for future technology

                Open Innovation is the DNA of Hankook Tire.
                Hankook Tire is always open to partners who will lead the future technology with us.

                We are always looking for a supplier stepping forward with a cooperation and partnership.
                If you are interested in, follow the below steps to reach out to us.


                Category Items
                Raw Materials Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, Carbon Black, Steel Cord, Textile Cord, Bead Wire, Silica, Other chemicals, etc.
                Machinery / Equipment Machinery, Electricity, Construction, Machinery Part & Installation, Logistics facility, Utility, Environment, Firefighting facility, etc.
                Indirect Ocean freight, Air freight, Trucking, Vessel, Oil & Lubricant, Fuel, Building Bladder, MRO, Subsidiary, etc.

                Go to Supplier Portal

                ※ Help Desk

                Korea Purchasing Team : Kim Tae Jin

                +82-31-5178-7337 / ktj1129bir@hankookn.com



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