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                Home Motorsports Radical


                Radical is a manufacturer of prototype-inspired racing cars, racing their ways around the world.

                Radical is a manufacturer of prototype-inspired racing cars, 
racing their ways around the world.

                Hankook Tire as the official partner of the top racing car maker, Radical

                Radical is a car manufacturer founded in 1997 in England, the suzerain of motorsports, and it specializes in prototype-inspired racing cars. Radical has been participating in races around the world and maintained its top position for over 10 years in N¨šrburgring, Germany, known as the "Green Hell" since hosting its first motorsport championship in 1999.

                As the official partner of Radical since 2018, Hankook Tire has been an active sponsor of Radical and monopolized the tire supply for all motorsports races hosted by Radical in Europe such as European Masters, Radical Challenge, SR1 Cup, and etc.

                We are planning to gradually monopolize the tire supply for races hosted by Radical in North American and Australia.

                Next Motorsports Competition

                Next Motorsports Competition
                Date 07.03.2021 ~ 07.04.2021
                Country / Location United Kingdom / Snetterton 300
                Website temporyhttps://www.radicalsportscars.com/

                Motorsports Standards

                Motorsports Standards
                Tires Ventus F200 , Ventus Z205
                Condition CC SR1 : 1340CC
                SR3 : 1340CC ~ 1500CC
                SR8 : 2700CC
                RXC Spyder : 3500CC
                Cylinder SR1 : 4cyl
                SR3 : 4cyl
                SR8 : 8cyl
                RXC Spyder : 6cyl
                Horsepower SR1 : 175bhp
                SR3 : 195bhp ~ 225bhp
                SR8 : 405bhp
                RXC Spyder : 650bhp
                Vehicles Vehicle Type Prototype
                Model SRI
                RXC Spyder

                Competition Schedule

                Competition Schedule
                Round Date Country Location/Race
                Round 1 04.24 ~ 04.25 United Kingdom United Kingdom Snetterton 300
                Round 2 05.08 ~ 05.09 United Kingdom United Kingdom Brands Hatch GP
                Round 3 06.04 ~ 06.06 Belgium Belgium Spa-Francorchamps
                Round 4 07.03 ~ 07.04 United Kingdom United Kingdom Snetterton 300
                Round 5 08.14 ~ 08.15 United Kingdom United Kingdom Silverstone GP
                Round 6 09.18 ~ 09.19 United Kingdom United Kingdom Donington Park GP

                Radical Next Round



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