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                Home Motorsports Supercar Challenge

                Supercar Challenge

                Hankook Tire, as the international competition’s sole tire supplier, has been recognized for its technological prowess that rivals these companies.

                Hankook Tire, as the international competition’s sole tire supplier, has been recognized for its technological prowess that rivals these companies.

                Hankook Tire races together with world's renowned premium cars.

                The Supercar Challenge started in the Netherlands in 2011 and since then, the event has expanded over Western Europe. At the Supercar Challenge, a wide range of drivers – from Gentlemen Drivers to pro racers – compete against each together with different race cars.

                The Supercar Challenge is more than just a racing contest as it provides more entertainment than any other racing events. At the highest and fastest division known as the Super GT Division, premium supercars such as Ferrari F458, Lamborghini Super Trofeo, Porsche 997, and Mercedes SLS all gather to participate in the racing.

                Hankook Tire, as the exclusive tire supplier of the international event, has been recognized for its technology leadership among these premium brands.

                Next Motorsports Competition

                Next Motorsports Competition
                Date 07.09.2021 ~ 07.11.2021
                Country / Location Belgium / Circuit Zolder
                Website temporyhttp://www.supercarchallenge.nl

                Motorsports Standards

                Motorsports Standards
                Tires Ventus F200(Dry) , Ventus Z206(Wet) , Ventus Z207(Wet)
                Condition CC Please refer to the website
                Vehicles Vehicle Type GT
                Proto Type
                Model Ferrari F458
                Lamborghini Super Trofeo
                Porsche 997
                Mercedes SLS
                LMP3 etc.

                Competition Schedule

                Competition Schedule
                Round Date Country Location/Race
                Round 1 04.09 ~ 04.11 Netherlands Netherlands Circuit Zandvoort
                Round 2 05.21 ~ 05.23 Germany Germany Hockenheim
                Round 3 06.04 ~ 06.06 Belgium Belgium Spa-Francorchamps
                Round 4 07.09 ~ 07.11 Belgium Belgium Circuit Zolder
                Round 5 08.06 ~ 08.08 Netherlands Netherlands TT Circuit Assen
                Round 6 10.15 ~ 10.17 Belgium Belgium Spa-Francorchamps
                Round 7 10.29 ~ 10.31 Netherlands Netherlands TT Circuit Assen

                Supercar Challenge Next Round



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