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                Home Motorsports Thailand Super Series

                Thailand Super Series

                TSS, Thailand Super Series, the leading motorsport series in Thailand and ASEAN sanctioned by FIA and The Royal Automobile Association of Thailand

                TSS, Thailand Super Series, the leading motorsport series in Thailand and ASEAN sanctioned by FIA and The Royal Automobile Association of Thailand

                The Variety of Race Series in Thailand Super Series

                Thailand Super Series includes not only Supercar and Touring Car Lineup, but also various race series such as Compact, Pickup, and Eco Car.

                Among them, especially in the Supercar Series, you can see the exciting competition of global premium carmakers such as Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, and Ferrari.

                The Super Eco Series, the first gateway to the professional race, features up-and-coming and rising drivers competing for the championship.

                Next Motorsports Competition

                Next Motorsports Competition
                Date 07.06.2021 ~ 07.11.2021
                Country / Location Thailand / Bangsaen
                Website temporyhttps://www.thailandsuperseries.net/

                Motorsports Standards

                Motorsports Standards
                Tires Ventus F200(Dry) , Ventus Z207(Wet) , Ventus Z232
                Condition CC GT3 : 3500-6500 (BOP)
                GTM : 3500-6500 (BOP)
                GTC : 2000-3800 (BOP)
                Touring Car : 1500-2000 (BOP)
                Pickup : 1900-3000
                Com_Pro : 1200-1600 (BOP)
                Eco : 1200-1230
                Cylinder GT3 : 6-10
                GTM : 6-10
                GTC : 4-8
                Touring Car : 4
                Pickup : 4
                Com_Pro : 4
                Eco : 4
                Horsepower GT3 : 450-600
                GTM : 450-600
                GTC : 300-600
                Touring Car : 195-220
                Pickup : 300-480
                Com_Pro : 115-160
                Eco : 95-100
                Vehicles Vehicle Type GT Car, Touring Car, Pickup Truck & etc
                Model Audi R8 EVO
                AMG GT3
                Bentley Continental GT3
                Lexus RCF GT3
                Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo
                Ferrari 488 GT3
                Benz SLS
                Ferrari 458 GT3
                Porsche 991.1 GT3 Cup
                Porsche 991.2 GT3 cup
                Cayman GT4 Clubsport & etc


                Competition Schedule

                Competition Schedule
                Round Date Country Location/Race
                Round 1 04.23 ~ 04.25 Thailand Thailand Buriram
                Round 2 05.14 ~ 05.16 Thailand Thailand Buriram
                Round 3 07.06 ~ 07.11 Thailand Thailand Bangsaen
                Round 4 10.29 ~ 10.31 Thailand Thailand Buriram

                Thailand Super Series Next Round



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