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                Home Motorsports W Series

                W Series

                Experience pure women power in the W Series - powered by Hankook Tire.

                Experience pure women power in the W Series - powered by Hankook Tire.

                The one and only women dedicated Series

                As an official partner of W Series since 2019, Hankook Tire has been providing the series with its high-end racing tire, the Ventus Race (F200 slick and Z217 wet). W Series, that launched in October 2018, is a ground-breaking racing series for women with serious ambition: "push aside stereotypes and change the face of motorsports."

                Hankook Tire will provide optimal support for the W Series, not only with their racing tires, but also with its 'top of the game' engineers and mechanics, supporting female race drivers that are now featuring more in the world of motorsports.

                Hankook Tire's high-tech products, expertise, and involvement in global motorsports makes Hankook Tire the ideal partner of W Series.

                Next Motorsports Competition

                Next Motorsports Competition
                Date 06.26.2021
                Country / Location France / Le Castellet
                Website temporyhttps://wseries.com/

                Motorsports Standards

                Motorsports Standards
                Tires F200(Dry) , Z217(Wet)
                Condition CC 1800 Alfa Romeo
                Cylinder 4 turbocharged
                Horsepower 270
                Vehicles Vehicle Type Formula
                Model Tatuus F3 T-318


                Competition Schedule

                Competition Schedule
                Round Date Country Location/Race
                Round 1 06.26 France France Le Castellet
                Round 2 07.03 Austria Austria Spielberg
                Round 3 07.17 United Kingdom United Kingdom Silverstone
                Round 4 07.31 Hungary Hungary Budapest
                Round 5 08.28 Belgium Belgium Spa-Francorchamps
                Round 6 09.04 Netherlands Netherlands Zandvoort
                Round 7 10.23 USA USA Austin
                Round 8 10.30 Mexico Mexico Mexico City

                W Series Next Round



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