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                How We Work

                Hankook Tire becomes 'The Future Driving Innovator' with Proactive Leaders.

                Hankook Tire becomes 'The Future Driving Innovator' with Proactive Leaders.
                Lee Sung-min? ??

                Lee Sung-min

                Korea HeadquartersManufacturing Team
                (Daejeon Plant)

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                Lim Seung-chan? ??

                Lim Seung-chan

                Global HeadquartersRacing Tire Research Team

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                Baek Seung-min? ??

                Baek Seung-min

                Global HeadquartersPC Development Team

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                Lee Do-seok? ??

                Lee Do-seok

                Global HeadquartersMachinery Engineering Team

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                Kim Sun-myung? ??

                Kim Sun-myung

                Global HeadquartersResearch Team

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                Kosztinszki Csaba? ??

                Kosztinszki Csaba

                Europe HeadquartersIT Team

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                Peter, Lantos? ??

                Peter, Lantos

                Europe HeadquartersQuality Control Team
                (Hungary Plant)

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                Yang, Jeong Ho? ??

                Yang, Jeong Ho

                Global HeadquartersVehicle Testing Team
                (Main R&D Center)

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