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                Home Sustainability Focus Areas Customers (Car makers) Overview

                Customers (Car makers)

                Hankook Tire aspires to lead the automotive industry into the future, providing drivers the world over with the best driving experience.

                Hankook Tire aspires to lead the automotive industry into the future, providing drivers the world over with the best driving experience.

                Key Achievements



                OE1)  business, as a form of Business to Business (B2B) transaction, is to supply tires to car OEMs. As generating sustained profits in OE business requires reflecting new technology desired by car OEMs in improving the technological capability of products, this highlights the need to form long-term trust-based partnerships with customers and engage in wide-ranging communication activities in addition to continued R&D investments, rather than focusing on short-term profits. Hankook Tire & Technology strengthens its strategic partnerships with car OEMs, leveraging its systems and technological capabilities accumulated over the years. Not only do we cater to the customer needs of today, but
                we are also committed to developing cutting-edge technology and improving our quality to respond to the rapidly-shifting market landscape. Furthermore, we sincerely address ESG requirements that are increasingly gaining importance in the industry to facilitate communication on our sustainability.
                1)  OE: Original Equipment

                Future Plan

                Hankook Tire & Technology will swiftly identify the technology requirements of car OEMs as well as market trends while engaging in a wide array of communication activities, including exhibition attendance and customer interactions, to develop and supply products that deliver the optimal performance and quality as required by customers. In particular, we will secure tire technology that satisfies the performance requirements of future automobiles and expand our supply, and proactively respond to corporate social responsibility and sustainability assessment in order to elevate our business relationship with customers to new heights.

                Management Organization

                ? Chaired by: OE Division Director
                ? Supervised by: Global OE Planning Team, Global OE Sales Team, Global OE PM Team, OE Teams in Europe, the Americas, China, Japan, and ASEAN India
                ? Cooperation Team: OE Development Department, TB Development Department, Development Quality Assurance Team, Global OE Quality Team, OE Quality Teams in the Americas and China, and Technical Centers in Europe, the Americas, Japan, and China



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