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                Home Sustainability Focus Areas Customers (General Customers & Dealers) Overview

                Customers (General Customers & Dealers)

                Customers are the foundation on which Hankook Tire’s growth was built. Our aim is to provide new value for customers, and we do this through our global quality system and by developing outstanding products.

                Customers are the foundation on which Hankook Tire’s growth was built. Our aim is to provide new value for customers, and we do this through our global quality system and by developing outstanding products.

                Key Achievements



                Consumers are increasingly interested in vehicle maintenance services. Today’s savvy customers move across different channels to search information and make comparisons, and they pursue not only the products themselves, but also consumer satisfaction and a convenient and trustworthy experience across the entire purchasing journey. In line with quickly-changing and diversifying consumer trends, Hankook Tire & Technology leverages the T’Station brand and its service network as a service platform to deliver a satisfying purchasing experience in order to widen the scope of its customer service operations. We provide convenient customer service that seamlessly connects online purchasing with offline services as well as differentiated services such as complimentary tire warranties to increase customer satisfaction while conducting regular customer satisfaction surveys to elevate our service performance. On the strength of our win-win management philosophy, we fully support our franchise members with their shop operations, from products, equipment use, and repair skills to sales and consumer management.

                Future Plan

                Hankook Tire & Technology endeavors on multiple fronts to deliver customer satisfaction from product purchase and mounting to follow-up management with its T’Station brand playing a central role. We offer professional counseling to help customers make reasonable purchasing decisions, and deliver differentiated customer service through our membership program. We will harness our nationwide T’Station service network to enable Online to Offline (O2O) services and other digitally-based services to provide the greatest possible customer satisfaction. Furthermore, on-site training and flexible on/offline training will be provided to shop owners, who find it difficult to attend such training while tending to their schedules, in order to ensure equal learning opportunity for all. Such commitment to training will ultimately benefit our consumers with consistent and high-quality services available throughout all our locations and further elevate our brand competitiveness.

                Management Organization

                General Customers
                ? Chaired by: Head of the Car Life Business Headquarters
                ? Supervised by: Retail Marketing Team
                ? Cooperation Team: Retail Business Innovation Team, Marketing Strategy Team, Retail Channel Management Team

                Franchises / Dealers
                ? Chaired by: Quality Division Director
                ? Supervised by: Korea Technical Service Team
                ? Cooperation Team: Retail Marketing Team and other relevant divisions



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