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                Home Sustainability Focus Areas Climate Change Overview

                Climate Change

                Hankook Tire is committed to enhance the competitive edge by preventing business-related risks caused by climate change and thus turning each crisis into opportunity.

                Hankook Tire is committed to enhance the competitive edge by preventing business-related risks caused by climate change and thus turning each crisis into opportunity.

                Key Achievements



                Since the Paris Agreement took effect in 2016, all 196 Parties have communicated their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) to join hands to weather this international challenge of global warming. This prompted national governments to further tighten their GHG emission regulations imposed on businesses, which may dampen their competitiveness in the market. We believe, however, that maximizing the efficiency of energy consumption and shifting to such energy sources as low-carbon fuel and electricity will surely bring positive benefits as this will elevate our external competitive edge and brand value. Hankook Tire & Technology fully supports the Paris Agreement, and has set mid/long-term GHG emission reduction targets across all its eight production worksites all over the world and has taken action to attain these targets. The Climate Change Committee monitors our climate change responses on a quarterly basis, and we transparently disclose our GHG emissions and climate change activities to CDP1)each year.
                1) CDP: Previously known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, CDP represents both a project and an organization that evaluates major listed companies across the world for their business disclosures related to how they respond to environmental issues – climate change, water, forest resources, etc. – to use such data to guide global financial institutions in making investment decisions.

                Future Plan

                Hankook Tire & Technology set the four overarching directions of building a low-carbon management system, improving the efficiency of process energy use, expanding the use of renewable energy, and introducing innovative mitigation technology. It is based on these directions that we will set detailed reduction plans and take phase-by-phase actions to ultimately attain our goal. We will minimize energy consumption in the tire manufacturing process in the short term, and transition to eco-friendly energy sources to curb the consumption of fossil fuel over the long haul to contribute to preventing global warming.

                Management Organization

                Climate Change Committee
                ? Chaired by: Head of the Machinery Engineering Department
                ? Supervised by: Production Infrastructure Team
                ? Cooperation Team: ESG Team, Facility Technology (Korea), Facility Maintenance Team (overseas), MP)EHS Team, R&D Corporate Management Team


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