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                Home Tires & Services SUVs & Light Trucks Dynapro AT2

                DYNAPRO AT2


                Dynapro AT2

                • truck iconLight Trucks
                • all season iconAll Season

                The new standard for all-terrain tires

                • Driving satisfaction for both on and off road
                • Reduced driving noise with new technology
                • Longer mileage capability compared to previous model


                Tire Pattern

                • Multi-directional grooves and sipes

                  Grooves and sipes are arranged to create better traction in any direction

                • Biting block edge

                  Extra biting edge provides more traction and snow performance

                • Locking shoulder lugs

                  Protruding mix of two to one shoulder lugs provide additional off-road traction

                • Step block edge technology

                  Step block edge technology acts as a sound barrier, which helps to reduce road noise that primarily emanates from the pattern groove

                • Block-chain control system

                  A tie bar between the shoulder increases ride comfort by optimizing movement between the blocks, while also aiding in noise reduction

                • Aero shoulder trechnology

                  The passage at the shoulder naturally radiates road noise

                • Long wear tread rubber

                  A specially formulated compound increases mileage while reducing chip and cut from off-road driving

                • Wider tread and advanced foot print

                  Results in more evenly distributed stress, leads to longer tread life and uniform wear


                Tire Structure

                Long tread wear compound

                Makes tread life longer.

                Reinforced under-tread gauge

                Increased belt durability and steering performance. Helps to prevent external damage.

                Nylon-reinforced belts

                Increased belt durability and steering performance. Helps to prevent external damage.

                High strength steel belt

                Improve steering and durability.

                Reinforced carcass

                Improve ride comfort on the road.

                Jointless bead wire

                Prevent bead separation when driving off-road with air pressure.

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