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                Home Tires & Services SUVs & Light Trucks Dynapro HP2

                DYNAPRO HP2


                Dynapro HP2

                • suv iconSUVs
                • summer iconSummer

                High-performance tire for luxury SUVs

                • Optimized for mileage longevity
                • Improved dry and wet handling
                • Comfortable, quiet ride



                Tire Pattern

                • Straight 4-Channel Waterway

                  Resists Hydroplaning & Aquaplaning Performance Up.

                • High Stiffness Center Rib

                  Stiff Center Tread Blocks provide precise steering.

                • Silencer Sipes

                  Prevents harmonic tread pattern sound.

                • Aqua Slant Sipes & Groove

                  Radial direction sipes provide improved handling in wet and dry conditions by locking together for greater rigidity. Lateral groov es provide resistance to hydroplaning.


                Tire Structure

                High Loading Silica Compound

                Dry/wet traction is improved and rolling resistance is lowered

                Wide 2 Steel Belt Layer

                Better Dry/Wet Handling

                High Density Polyester Carcass

                Better steering & handling response

                Strong Single Strand Bead Wire

                Better steering and handling response

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