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                Home Tires & Services SUVs & Light Trucks Ventus S1 evo3 SUV

                VENTUS S1 EVO3 SUV


                Ventus S1 evo3 SUV

                • suv iconSUVs
                • summer iconSummer

                Performance SUV tire chosen by premium car makers

                • Selected tire by premium car manufacturers
                • Agile performance tires optimzed for SUVs
                • Reliable braking power on wet surfaces and in emergency situations


                Tire Pattern

                • Interlocking groove

                  Interlocking outside grooves secure wet grip and prevent hydroplaning on slick surfaces. This reinforces its performance on wet roads and cornering in the rain, without compromising dry handling performance.
                  * Technology Patent: 10-2018-0109541

                • Highly stiff outside shoulder

                  The outer blocks and shoulders of the tire, where heavy loads and contact pressure are concentrated due to cornering, are expanded. The maximum steering grip force is secured by the dual action of the reinforcement belt, which secures the flat contact surface under any conditions. Additionally, separated curfs on the inner blocks can be dispersed for high loads. The balanced in and out blocks ensure the dry handling is improved by 6%.

                • Inside dual pitch

                  It presents improved performance in terms of hydroplaning and wet braking, by increasing the number of inner pitches (blocks) to secure the gaps for enhanced drainage.

                • Outside dual pitch

                  The number of outer pitches is optimized to secure the steering grip performance required for dry cornering. This is designed to contribute to the reduction of pattern noise as well.

                • Sidewall design

                  Sidewall is designed to reinforce block stiffness, and improve thermal circulation, air permeability and ride comfort.

                • Polishing technology

                  Comparison of tire gloss / sheen & surface texture
                  - Glossiness: About 700%
                  - Surface roughness: About 140%


                Tire Structure

                Tread Compound

                HSSC (Highly Enriched Systhetic Silica Compound) is a compound of new technology, in which the highly purified and quality silica compound is vulcanized at low temperatures for twice the duration compared to regular tires. This allows for the increased blending between molecules that, in turn, secure a solid driving performance and improved mileage.

                High Strength Reinforcement Belt

                tire strength has been increased to respond to high levels of initial output and initial acceleration.

                Application of High Strength Steel Belt Wire

                Using high strength belts that perfectly absorb external shock, durability of the tire and riding comfort have been improved.

                Dual Layer Fiber Stiffener

                While the dual structure of the carcass fiber stiffener, the tire hardness is structurally assured.

                Folded Belt Edge Tage

                Endurance of the belt has been enhanced.

                Strong Jointless Bead Wire

                By increasing the binding force between the wheel and the joint, even with high initial acceleration, the tire will always be attached to the wheel.

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